Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans
 PNG Dark, from Papua New Guinea; we've dark-roasted these highland beans to get a smokey profile with mellow acidity and a bold finish

PNG Dark

$16.00 - $80.00
Diamond Dark, Minas Gerais, Brazil, roast level dark, we took our natural-processed Brazilian Diamond to a bold, full-bodied roast with a velvety finish, tasting notes, hazelnuts, dark chocolate, cherry

Diamond Dark

$16.00 - $80.00
coffee pod

Coffee Pods

Sugarcane Decaf, Tolima, Colombia, the decaf you drink because it tastes so good, red and yellow caturra beans were decaffeinated via the sugarcane process, tasting notes, caramel, milk chocolate, cherry, cinnamon, almond

Sugarcane Decaf

$16.00 - $80.00
Pink Paragon is a blend of Colombia Pink Borbon Punch and Brazil Diamond. A lighter roast with tasting notes of blackberry, hazelnut, brown sugar and orange zest, this playful blend has low acidity, a supple texture and a sweet finish.

Pink Paragon

$16.00 - $80.00
Juicy Strawberry; Huila, Colombia; these coffee beans have been fermented with real strawberries. Comes in a keepsake tin.

Juicy Strawberry

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