Aponte Honey, Narino, Colombia, roast level medium, the Inga tribe have developed remarkably high standards to produce this honey-processed coffee, tasting notes orange zest, honey, macadamias, dark chocolate

Aponte Honey

Baratza Encore conical burr grinder in black

Baratza Conical & Flat Burr Grinders

matte black canister with ContempoRoast logo etched on front, canvas refill bag, patented two-way valve lid and second lid for stacking

Canister Only

Colombian set, one 4oz bag of each variety, Aponte Honey, medium roast, Pink Borbon Punch, light roast, Timana Red, medium roast

Colombian Sampler Set

Diamond Dark, Minas Gerais, Brazil, roast level dark, we took our natural-processed Brazilian Diamond to a bold, full-bodied roast with a velvety finish, tasting notes, hazelnuts, dark chocolate, cherry

Diamond Dark

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