Sugarcane Decaf, Tolima, Colombia, the decaf you drink because it tastes so good, red and yellow caturra beans were decaffeinated via the sugarcane process, tasting notes, caramel, milk chocolate, cherry, cinnamon, almond

Sugarcane Decaf

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This is the decaf you drink because it tastes so good, not because you have to. Unlike many decaffeinated varieties, which use cheaper, lower quality beans, the growers at the El Vergel estate have created a high-quality decaf, one that uses a blend of hand-picked red and yellow caturra beans, which are then sugarcane-processed to remove most of the caffeine without sacrificing the coffee’s natural sweetness. 

Region: Tolima, Colombia
Producers: Elias and Shady Bayter
Farm: El Vergel
Trail: Piedra Grande
Altitude: 1500m
Process: EA sugarcane decaffeination
Varieties: Red and yellow caturra
Exporter: Forest Collective

Well balanced; medium body; cherry; caramel; cinnamon; almond; milk chocolate; slightly sweet finish

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