white porcelain mug with ContempoRoast Coffee & Roastery logo on a black background

notNeutral Lino 12oz Porcelain Coffee Mug

$16.00 $19.00
matte black canister with ContempoRoast logo etched on front, canvas refill bag, patented two-way valve lid and second lid for stacking

Canister Only

ContempoRoast die-cut vinyl sticker showing the ContempoRoast coffee cup with the stylized coffee beans (one unroasted green, one roasted brown) curving up the side of the cup, with the words ContempoRoast Coffee & Roastery under the logo


five playing cards shown, a king of diamonds, jack of clubs, queen of hearts, king of spades and the back of a card showing the ContempoRoast logo

Playing Cards

$7.50 $11.45
Baratza Encore conical burr grinder in black

Baratza Conical & Flat Burr Grinders

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