Juicy Strawberry; Huila, Colombia; these coffee beans have been fermented with real strawberries. Comes in a keepsake tin.
ContempoRoast Juicy Strawberry coffee label on a white matte 8-ounce collectible tin; label says "a unique Colombian coffee fermented with strawberries, 8oz, 226g"
A small stack of 8-ounce matte white tins with Juicy Strawberry coffee labels

Juicy Strawberry

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Looking for a special treat for yourself or your favorite coffee lover? This coffee has been fermented with strawberries to give it its unique flavor. It was processed with multiple fermentation cycles: fermenting with dehydrated, ground strawberries for five days, then dried for another ten days to promote a higher retention of flavors. Juicy Strawberry comes in an 8oz keepsake tin.

Region: San Adolfo, Acevedo, Huila / Fresno, Tolima (processed)
Producers: San Adolfo Farms & Forest Collective
Farms: San Adolfo Farms
Altitude: 1400-1600m
Process: Fruit fermentation
Variety: Blend
Importer: Forest Collective

Bright acidity; juicy body; sweet finish; strawberry milkshake; vanilla; macadamia

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