Timana Red, Timana, Huila, Colombia, roast level medium, four Timana growers developed a 24-hour fermentation process to highlight the sweetness of this washed-process coffee, tasting notes, chocolate, almond, red apple, cloves

Timana Red

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This bright coffee is a collaboration among four different growers, all from the town of Timana. Together, they developed a process with a 24-hour fermentation, followed by drying in the sun, gathering all the batches and blending them. This process highlights the sweetness of this origin.

Region: Huila
Producer: Duver Samboni, Mercedes Rojas, Reinel Perdomo, and Don Ovidio Ascencio
Farm: Four different farms
Altitude: 1400-1900m
Process: Washed
Variety: Blend
Exporter: Forest Collective

Balanced sweetness; syrupy body; almond; clove; red apple; chocolate; mellow acidity

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