Colombian set, one 4oz bag of each variety, Aponte Honey, medium roast, Pink Borbon Punch, light roast, Timana Red, medium roast
Aponte Honey, Narino, Colombia, roast level medium, the Inga tribe have developed remarkably high standards to produce this honey-processed coffee, tasting notes, orange zest, honey, macadamias, dark chocolate
Pink Borbon Punch, Huila, Colombia, roast level light, these pink borbon beans underwent a natural anaerobic fermentation to bring out the juicy raspberry notes, tasting notes, elderflower, raspberries, milk chocolate, pecans
Timana Red, Timana, Huila, Colombia, roast level medium, four Timana growers developed a 24-hour fermentation process to highlight the sweetness of this washed-process coffee, tasting notes, chocolate, almond, red apple, cloves

Colombian Sampler Set

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Can't decide which of our Colombian gems to try ? This sampler lets you try three 4oz bags of our best Colombian coffees:  Aponte Honey, Pink Borbon Punch and Timana Red. 
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