Traditional set, one 4oz bag of each variety, Diamond Dark, dark roast, Firefly, medium roast, Guatemala SHB, light-medium roast
Diamond Dark, Minas Gerais, Brazil, roast level dark, we took our natural-processed Brazilian Diamond to a bold, full-bodied roast with a velvety finish, tasting notes, hazelnuts, dark chocolate, cherry
Firefly, Narino, Colombia and Minas Gerais, Brazil, roast level medium, this blend brings together the fruitiness of Aponte Honey with the nutty, chocolatey qualities one expects from a Brazil coffee, tasting notes, hazelnut, dark chocolate, apricot
Guatemala SHB, Western and Central highlands, Guatemala, roast level light-medium, this fully washed blend of borbon, catuai, caturra and sarchimor beans are certified fair trade and organic, tasting notes, caramel, chocolate, hazelnuts, vanilla

Traditional Sampler Set

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If you enjoy a more traditional cup of coffee, give this sampler a try. It includes three 4oz bags of our most popular roasts: two medium roasts, Firefly and Guatemala SHB, as well as our sensational Diamond Dark.
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