Pink Borbon Punch, Huila, Colombia, these pink borbon beans underwent a natural anaerobic fermentation to bring out the juicy raspberry notes, tasting notes, elderflower, raspberries, milk chocolate, pecans

Pink Borbon Punch

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Our Pink Borbon Punch is a masterpiece that only improves as it cools a bit. It’s processed with a natural anaerobic extended fermentation of 105 hours, submerged in stainless steel tanks, followed by a slow drying of almost 20 days and then stabilized for 35 days in cherry before milling the coffee.

Region: Huila
Producer: Wilder Lasso
Farm: La Esperanza
Trail: Mesopotamia
Altitude: 1800m
Process: Natural anaerobic
Variety: Pink borbon
Exporter: Forest Collective

Juicy body; raspberry-forward; balanced sweetness; elderflower; a chocolatey pecan finish

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