Aponte Honey, Narino, Colombia, roast level medium, the Inga tribe have developed remarkably high standards to produce this honey-processed coffee, tasting notes orange zest, honey, macadamias, dark chocolate

Aponte Honey

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This medium-roasted coffee is one of the jewels guarded and produced by the Inga tribe in the town of El Tablon-Aponte. The Inga, descendants of the Inca civilization, have developed remarkably high standards to produce their honey-processed coffee. This indigenous community has very strong ties to Mother Earth and in preserving the wildlife and their customs. The Inga take their role of being “the guardians” of the earth very seriously, which, they say, is the main reason for having good health, good family, and “very good coffee."

Region: Nariño, Colombia
Producers: Inga’s Tribe
Farm: Aponte
Trail: El Tablon
Altitude: 1800-2100m
Process: Honey
Variety: Blend
Exporter: Forest Collective

Macadamia; honey; dark chocolate; orange zest; mellow acidity; coating texture with a neutral finish

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